Publications and Working Papers

Supply Chain Visibility and Social Responsibility: Investigating Consumers’ Behaviors and Motives - with Tim Kraft and Yanchong Zheng. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Fall 2018, 20(4) 617–636.

1st Place, 2015 Production and Operations Management Society, College of Sustainable Operations, Best Student Paper Competition.

2nd Place, 2015 INFORMS Behavioral Operations Management Section, Best Working Paper Competition.

Motivating Supplier Social Responsibility under Incomplete Visibility - with Tim Kraft and Yanchong Zheng. Under 2nd round of review at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

Financial Hedging of Operational and Risk Management Constraints - with Rene Caldentey. Working paper.

The Effect of Visibility on Consumer Trust of Social Responsibility Disclosures - with Tim Kraft and Yanchong Zheng. 

Trying and Failing: Donor Aversion to Rejection - with Kaitlin Daniels.

Work in Progress

Book Chapters

Assessing Consumers’ Valuations of Socially Responsible Products with Controlled Experiments -  Zheng Y., T. Kraft, L. Valdes (2016). Invited book chapter. Environmentally Responsible Supply Chains, A. Atasu, ed. Springer, 29-50.